Schools and theatre groups around the country will be able to license the work for performance or apply for a grant to help finance the production of their own. Addy and Dahlia are changing hearts and minds through musical theatre!

Cast List

ADDY (Alto)

 A soft butch with a bigger heart than she lets on. Princess of Addleburrow.


DAHLIA (Soprano)

 A whip-smart femme with a keen desire to topple the patriarchy. Princess of Provincia.



Trying his best. Prince of Provincia.


KING VICTOR (Baritone)

 Less interested in being a good ruler and father than he is in externalizing his internalized homophobia, unfortunately. King of Provincia.


GARY THE FAIRY (Bari-tenor)

 His magical abilities and benevolence are outpaced only by his wit and sense of style.


ELLA AND ERIC (Alto/Tenor)

 A femme/masc (respectively) pair who just want everyone to slow down and stay safe, please. Addy’s royal bodyguards.



A masc/femme (respectively) pair of Provincia residents representing the nation’s non-royal population.

Note: The minimum number of Citizens required to perform the show is two, but more can be added, and their lines and actions divvied up, as needed.






Guitar (Electric, acoustic)

Electric bass

Drum set

Musical Numbers


  1. Welcome to Provincia
    • Ensemble
  2. The Royal Treatment
    • Addy, Eric, Ella
  3. Living a Lie
    • Addy
  4. Accessories
    • Gary, Addy
  5. Great to be Good
    • Dahlia, Dimitri, Addy
  6. Something New
    • Dahlia
  7. Great to be Good Reprise
    • Dimitri, Eric, Ella
  8. Every Sunrise
    • Addy, Dahlia
  9. The Nation’s Celebration
    • Victor, Ensemble
  10. End like This
    • Addy

Act II

  1.  Entr’acte
    • Addy
  2. End Like This (Reprise)
    • Victory, Gary, Dahlia, Addy
  3. More Meat
    • Victor
  4. It’s Okay to Be a Queen
    • Victor
  5. Look at Us Now
    • Addy, Dahlia
  6. More Meat (Reprise)
    • Victor
  7.  Finale
    • Addy, Dahlia, Ensemble